Unusual Wedding Cakes

What comes to your mind when you think of unusual wedding cakes? Most people might think of crazy colors, icing details or shapes. Realistically it could mean all of that and then some.

If you are looking for ways to save on this part of your wedding, this wedding cake idea might be the way to go.

First and foremost, do not forget that anything wedding related is automatically more expensive. Doesn’t matter if its the exact same 3 tier buttercream cake that your mother got for her 50th birthday, it will be more expensive if its made “for a wedding.” Try thinking out of the box for unique and beautiful cakes that might not necessarily be deemed a “wedding cake.”

The following cakes, for example, would be wonderfully beautiful and creative for a wedding, but at the same time could be ordered from your baker as a wedding anniversary cake or large birthday celebration cake. Although some of them are very colorful, ornate and have unique shaping, they would still most likely be very budget friendly if not specified as a “wedding cake.”

large decorative sheet cake and unusual shape cake
unusual wedding cakes-large flat decorative cake unusual wedding cakes - unique shapes
strawberry chocolate cake and beach theme cake
unusual wedding cakes - chocolate unusual wedding cakes - theme
simply chocolate cake and fruit fabulous cake
unusual wedding cakes unusual wedding cakes - fruit fabulous
modern designs and colors cake and separate cakes
unusual wedding cakes - unusual and modern colors unusual wedding cakes - seperate cakes = no assembly
chocolate decadence cake and fresh flower cake
unusual wedding cakes - chocolate decadence unusual wedding cakes - messy icing and mop flower

Unusual Wedding Cakes – Dessert Buffets and Bars

An emerging trend in the world of weddings is the dessert bar or buffet instead of one large cake. What a wonderful way to personalize your reception by having a selection of your favorite desserts. Chocoholic? Carrot Cake Fiend? Addicted to Red Velvet? Whatever your pleasure, a dessert bar is a truly unique, fun and super budget friendly way to go.

dessert buffet of your favorite sweets
unusual wedding cakes - dessert buffet unusual wedding cakes - dessert buffet
chocolate mousse flutes and chocolate truffle cakes
unusual wedding cakes - chocolate mousse unusual wedding cakes - chocolate truffles
chocolate mousse “martinis” and dessert buffet
unusual wedding cakes - mousse in martini glassesunusual wedding cakes - dessert buffet
Unusual Wedding Cakes: Cupcake Wedding Cakes!

Uniquely chic yet still elegant enough if you are having a formal or very traditional wedding, cupcake wedding cakes are one of most popular emerging trends made popular by Martha Stewart. And of course the best part is how budget friendly this wedding cake option is!
The cupcake wedding cakes below are from Little Cake Bakery, an Atlanta bakery who’s flavors and presentation will blow your mind without blowing your budget, and I speak from experience.

unusual wedding cakes - cupcake wedding cakes from Little Cake Bakery unusual wedding cakes - cupcake wedding cakes from Little Cake Bakery