Cheap Wedding Decorations

The Most (and Best) Decor for Your Dollar!

“Cheap wedding decorations” probably does not conjure up visions of elegance and grandeur upon first thought, so you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can pull off on a very limited budget. The old addage of “less is more” can certainly apply here. So can simple but stunning, modest but magical, the list goes on. You don’t need some type of decor piece in every square inch of your reception space. You can make a lot of impact with minimal decorations (and money!) if you choose your color scheme and textures well.

Cheap Wedding Decorations: Candy Buffet Bliss

cheap wedding decorations

You might think that a wedding candy buffet strictly serves the purpose of being the DIY favor for your guests, or even just a super fun lagniappe (extra) wedding item. Budget Brides, you couldn’t be more wrong! It is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, and with a little extra planning and organization, it can do double duty in a couple areas, including cheap wedding decorations! Take a peek at this candy buffet page for design and color inspiration and the cheapest sources for your candy and materials.


Cheap Wedding Decorations:
Paper Lantern Prettiness

Paper lanterns make an unbelievable visual impact, whether it’s day or night – whether they are lit or unlit. They tie the whole room – and whole look – together regardless of what kind, or how many other decorations you have. In addition to being simply stunning they are one of the many super budget friendly DIY wedding projects. Find out the best sources for, and the best way to DIY cheap paper lanterns. Look how gorgeous this space is, and the only decor items are small, simple flower arrangements and hanging paper lanterns!

cheap paper lanterns

Cheap Wedding Decorations:
Wedding Parasols

One might not immediately consider parasols an element of decor in their wedding. However, most budget brides will be pleasantly surprised to hear that not only can they play a leading role in the overall look and feel of the wedding, but they can also be very functional as well. The best part? The price, of course! Check out the cheap parasols page for decor ideas and budget friendly resources.

wedding parasols

Cheap Wedding Decorations:
Ideas for Cheap Wedding Centerpieces


ideas for cheap   wedding centerpieces

For most weddings, the centerpieces end up being the “biggest” and most emphasized item of wedding decor. And thus they end up being the most expensive as well. Getting creative with your centerpieces as well as using a little common Budget Bride sense will really streeeetch your budget in this department. From flowers to fruit and everything in between, make your centerpieces fabulous but frugal.

Nature Elements in your Wedding Decorations

Think of natural or “nature” elements. Things such as branches, decorative “straw” balls, moss balls, feathers, pine cones, banded grass, manzanita branches (wildly popular and versatile) and dried flowers such as larkspur and lavender (my favorite) will all make fabulous and frugal decor items.

cheap wedding decorations dried larkspur cheap wedding decorations dried lavender

I got this preserved moss at Michael’s for $4.99 a bag, and only put about 1/2 of the bag into this Apothecary jar, which I had around my house. Use jars and vases of varying sizes and shapes, throw some votive candles around them, and you’ve got an easy, cheap wedding decoration idea. (Pardon the crude pictures – hopefully you get the idea :)

cheap wedding decorations cheap wedding decorations

You can also use this same idea with fruits such as lemons and limes, depending on what your wedding color scheme is. You can scout out jars and vases like this at garage sales, antique malls and even on as a lot of brides will list any leftover items from their wedding on there. You can also look for people renting jars at a reasonable price. I would personally prefer to go this route, because then you don’t have to worry about what to do with or how to store the jars and vases after the wedding.
There are a ton of different ways you can incorporate natural, cheap elements into your wedding decor, the only limit – literally – is your imagination.