Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses

So you’re a lucky bride who gets a beach wedding! Cheap beach wedding dresses can be so romantic and beautiful, and although you will be celebrating under the sun and the moon, they luckily will not cost you that!

cheap beach wedding dresses

I absolutely love beach wedding dresses and think they are just the epitome of femininity. It’s hard NOT to feel beautiful and sexy in one. They tend to be lighter, and have less fabric than a traditional “church” wedding dress. Therefore saving you cashola right off the bat!

Another fantastic thing about beach wedding dresses is that although they are elegant and can be quite sophisticated, they are considered semi-casual automatically because of the location of your wedding. The less formal the dress, the less money for the dress! Another big plus is you get to choose a tea-length or even ballet-length dress for your beach wedding dress. Those styles are very sexy, and will tend to save you a little more money since it doesn’t drape all the way to the floor. Besides, who wants to drag their dress in the sand and take a good chance of tripping on it?


Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses

Some great fabric options for your dress are linen, organza, cotton blends, cotton, and chiffon. And of course you can choose any color, but I just love white for beach wedding dresses as it’s so stunning with the backdrop of the sand and ocean, not to mention it accentuates your tan!

Local options
Check out department stores for any style of white dress and you are almost guaranteed to find one very fitting for your beach wedding. A plain white cotton or linen sundress with some flowers in your hair would be stunning! And super cheap! Being from the deep south I have several white linen dresses that range in all levels of formality. You might already have a dress like this in your closet and not even realize it.

Also check out any neighborhood boutiques as well for these types of dresses. I know in my neighborhood there are several adorable shops that carry dresses fit for a beach wedding.

Don’t Feel Like Leaving your Living Room?
Just like my other sections on cheap wedding dresses, I speak very highly of and have lots of information on purchasing your dress online from either an auction site (eBay) or online retailer.


cheap beach wedding dresses

Not just for Tank Tops! You might never guess who is carrying a wedding dress line these days! Target and JCrew online stores! JCrew has some great cheap beach wedding dresses that range from $225 all the up to $2,000. (Not so cheap, but it’s nice they have a price point for more budget conscious brides.) Target has some equally beautiful dresses in a much lower range. Simple but stunning! My favorite is the Isaac Mizrahi eyelet sheath gown for $99. $99! It’s gorgeous, and perfect for a beach wedding! Another plus? It looks super easy to hem if you’d like to make it either ballet-length or tea-length. Target also makes it super easy to return things, so if you order your dress and are not happy with it, there is no stress involved with trying to return it.

When shopping for accessories, opt for a very simple veil, or no veil at all. Not only will either of these two options save you money, but by nature your beach wedding a lot less formal than a “church” wedding, so a very plain veil or no veil at all will be very appropriate.


Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses

Dying For Designer
If you have your heart set on a designer dress, or even a designer duplicate, there are TONS of fabulous options that will work for your cheap beach wedding dress. One of my most favorite cheap wedding dress sites is WeddinGo. They have designer duplicate styles, MANY of which are perfectly suited for a beach wedding. If you want the real McCoy, try Bride Couture. These dresses are on the formal side, but they still have some great designer dresses in their “sheath” section for 50%-%75% off of retail. Check out my cheap designer wedding gowns and wedding dresses online pages for lots more info on wedding dress resources.

Not Just for Bridesmaids
What better way to save lots of money than to buy a bridesmaids dress for your cheap beach wedding dress! They come in all colors, styles and fabrics so I guarantee you can find one perfect for your beach wedding. A friend of mine ordered an Alfred Sung bridesmaid dress for her Florida beach wedding, and it was stunning! The price? $99 from House of Brides.

As you can see, there are many, many outlets for you to tap into in order to find your cheap beach wedding dress. I’ve only listed a few wedding dress websites on these pages but there are hundreds more out there. No wait, thousands more out there. And as always, if you put your Smart Savvy Bride thinking cap on, there are a lot of other creative options for you to find your beach wedding dress. 

Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses


Tips and Hints for Your Cheap Beach Wedding Dress

  • You can’t walk in heels in the sand and if you opt to go barefoot, keep in mind the sand can get VERY hot. Plan on finding some cute flip flops, ballet flats, or make sure your feet are in the shade during the ceremony. Remember your shoes, or lack thereof, affect the way your dress is altered
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen, but remember that sun screen can stain so be very careful when applying and putting on your dress. Nothing worse than a stained wedding dress before the reception even gets going!
  • Depending on the time of day and exact location, be mindful of the sea breeze! You might want to opt for a more casual, “flowy” and simple hairstyle so that the breeze will flatter your look, instead of blow it to bits.
  • In lieu of a veil, wear flowers in your hair. Or try a loose ponytail with pearls encircling it.
  • Consider a white cheap beach wedding dress over a colored one, as white deflects the light and will minimize the sun’s heat if your ceremony is during the day.