Cheap Wedding Flowers

Get the most Blooms for your Buck!

Finding cheap wedding flowers doesn’t necessarily mean having to compromise your style or your taste in order to have beautiful blooms on your big day. Your wedding flowers will be one of the most visual parts of your wedding, next to your dress. It’s very important to do your homework in this particular aspect of your wedding planning process so that your flowers don’t end up costing you the sun, moon, and maybe some stars.

There are lots of ways to stay within your budget but still get gorgeous flowers for your wedding day. One of the most popular ways is going the DIY route and you don’t have to have a green thumb or any experience in flower arranging. A few online tutorials and videos will do the trick for just about anyone.

cheap wedding flowers

What will you need?

Personal Flowers – bride’s and bridesmaids’, corsages for moms, grandmothers, readers, boutonnieres for groom, groomsmen, ushers, ringbearer and any other special male guest, flowers either for flower girls’ hair or bouquets.
Ceremony Site – Altar/Chuppah flowers, Aisle arrangements, pew markers, floral arch, etc.
Reception Site – Guest book table, centerpieces for main table and guest tables, cake table, favor table, gift table, buffet tables, throwaway bouquet, any other miscellaneous table or location.

Seasonal Savings

cheap wedding flowers
One of the best and easiest ways to find cheap wedding flowers is to choose your blooms by season. If your wedding is in October and you choose flowers that are in season during the month of June, not only will you pay triple, if not much more, for them – but their quality will be lacking severely. Take a look at these types of wedding flowers by season to see which ones will be readily available for your wedding.


DIY Wedding Flowers

cheap wedding flowers = diyEven if you are a far cry from Martha Stewart, you can still make your own cheap wedding flowers. As daunting as this might seem to some of us that are completely DIY or craft challenged, it is possible to make beautiful flowers for your wedding and save a ton of cash. These DIY wedding flower pages along with this DIY wedding flower bouquet instructional video and DIY Bubble Bowl Centerpiece instruction video will tell you about ordering wedding flowers online and instructions on how to DIY. In my opinion, DIYing is the BEST way to get cheap wedding flowers, And DIY stands for Do It Yourself, not Drive Yourself Insane.

Most Bloom for your Buck:
Cheap Wedding Flower Ideas

cheap wedding flowers

Whether you are a DIY bride or are planning to book the most sought after florist designer in your city, make sure to read these cheap wedding flower ideas pages so you can get the most out of your budget regardless of how or where you get your wedding flowers from.

Creative Centerpieces
ideas for cheap wedding centerpieces

Typically the single largest wedding flower expense are the centerpieces. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think to save quite a bit in this area without compromising elegance, beauty or your personal style. Check out these ideas for cheap wedding centerpieces for lots of tips, tricks and hints on this wedding item that could easily bust your budget if you aren’t careful.

Frugal Florist Tips

Before meeting with your florist:

    • Have an idea of what kinds of flowers you would like, and gather some pictures or magazine clippings of flowers and bouquets that you like.
    • Don’t know a Tuberose from a Tweedia? Have a look at to find all kinds of flower pictures and descriptions.
    • You must also have time, place (ceremony and reception sites), color scheme and bridal attire already selected before meeting with the florist.
    • You will also need to know an exact count for centerpieces (guest tables as well as any food, favor, gift or miscellaneous tables), corsages, bouquets, boutonnieres, and if you will need any additional arrangements for the rehearsal dinner, morning after brunch, etc. Without this information you cannot get an accurate estimate.
cheap wedding flowers cheap wedding flowers

A good florist will be able to:

  • Make suggestions on designs and flower types based on your budget. The name of the game here is cheap wedding flowers!
  • Provide photos and samples of their actual work. (Do not accept a floral magazine as a substitute for this).
  • Offer many different designs for any style of wedding.
  • Be willing to work with your budget and at the same time listen to your thoughts, concerns and ideas.
  • Be willing to work with your baker to design the wedding cake, if requiring flowers
  • Provide references from other customers.
  • Guarantee their work - including quality, freshness, on-time delivery and set up of your flowers.
  • Have an easy to understand, customized, detailed, itemized proposal prepared for you. I helped a friend plan her November 08 wedding and one florist we met with was actually charging $50 for a hurricane vase rental and $150 to rent 12 yards of tulle. What?! And if we hadn’t asked for an itemized proposal, we would have never known about those ridiculous fees.

Your Florist Rules of Green Thumb:

  • Get estimates from 3 florists at a minimum. (Don’t meet with any florist that charges a Consultation Fee. This is a bogus charge and true professionals do not have this fee.)
  • Bring pictures of your gown as well as bridesmaids’ gowns.
  • Get a price comparison chart for each of the flowers you are considering. You will be able to see which flowers are the most and least expensive and this might allow you to choose a similar looking flower to the one you most want that might be a lot less expensive.
  • Make sure their written proposal is specific and itemizes each flower arrangement you’ve chosen - including colors and types of flowers and price.
  • Ask about any delivery or set up fees.

Once you’ve decided on a florist, their written contract needs to specify date, set up time and place, specific flowers for each item (Hand-tied white Dutch tulips for bride’s bouquet, nosegays of yellow spray roses for 4 bridesmaids’ bouquets, pink peonies and white hydrangeas for centerpieces, etc. etc. etc.), any and all specific special instructions, cell phone number(s) for florist and assistants, all payment information.

cheap wedding flowers - small centerpiece

Have a budget blooms tip or trick you want to share? Or a DIY story or pics? Email me!