DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations: Innovate your Invites

Kits versus scratch versus discount online resources – There is discussion and lots of different opinions on which is the best for budget wedding invitations. This page provides detailed information on what is the best option for you: wedding invitation kit, make your own wedding invitation, or order from a discount wedding invitation resource.

I am negatively creatively inclined (Martha Stewart would have given me up for adoption) so my personal opinion is that ordering from a discount wedding invitation vendor will save the day.

However, if you even have 2 ounces of creativity in you, I am totally jealous of you and encourage you to tackle either the wedding invitation kits or wedding invitations from scratch project! I’ve seen many, many brides go these routes and although a tad time consuming (even more so if you are creating a detailed wedding invite from scratch), their invitations turned out looking like works of art. No exaggeration, they are stunning. And each and every bride said it was worth the time and effort.

With all the software, scanners, templates, programs and printers available these days, the number of creative and budget savvy brides deciding to DIY their wedding invitations increases by the minute. This, of course, also goes for Save the Date cards, Rehearsal Dinner Invites, Ceremony Programs, RSVP cards, Reception Menus, Place Cards, Thank You cards, etc. etc. etc.

There are basically two ways to DIY wedding invitations - From a kit and from scratch. You can guess which one is going to take you the most time, however your choices in design and project products will determine which one will be the least expensive.

DIY Wedding Invitation Kits:
They are simple, straightforward, and save lots of bucks. Kits provide everything you need including the card stock, any other materials, instructions, and in a lot of cases, a template already formatted for printing. Your choices for wedding invitation kits and resources are vast – from different types of paper, design styles, textures, patterns, colors and sizes. Just because you buy a kit doesn’t mean it won’t, or can’t, be a reflection of your personality and/or your wedding’s theme and style. All you need is a laser or inkjet printer and you’re good to go. The best part? You are saving upwards of 65% off of the price invitations ordered the traditional way.

DIY Wedding Invitations from Scratch:
Although the name implies something tedious and tantrum inducing, creating your own wedding invites from scratch can actually be almost as easy as you would like them to be. If you stick with simply stunning, all you need to do is seek out some fabulous paper, a printer, and the embellishments of your choice, and you’re off to the races! The only limit is your imagination. Keep in mind the more detailed, intricate or ornate you want to make your invitation, the more it’s going to cost you. Compare pricing carefully as some paper sources for DIY wedding invitations from scratch aren’t much cheaper than finding an online resource that will do the printing for you.

Here are some great resources for your wedding invitation kits and DIY wedding invitation materials, tools, and templates:

Cheap is awesome but free is awesome-r. This website comes to you from a very creative bride, who put all her beautiful and unique invite templates in one place for budget brides to use – for FREE. diy wedding invitationsI LOVE her designs and if you have a question of any kind, she is very prompt to answer. She also has Save The Date templates, bridal shower templates and monogram notecards. For ANY bride considering the DIY wedding invitation route – this site is a must use!

One of the most comprehensive design and dazzle resources for DIY wedding invitations is WeddingDNA. Offering fab-u-less templates for invitations and programs is only the tip of the iceberg – they also offer budget brides the opportunity (and step-by-step guidance) to create multimedia presentations like PowerPoint, in addition to scrapbooking. They offer a free trial period and if you do decide to join (I’m really not sure why any DIY bride wouldn’t…) you can have access to thousands of templates and designs for less than the cost of what some sites are charging for ONE template. So, thousands of options or just one option… hmmmm WeddingDNA seems to be a no-brainer, girls!

Buy your wedding invitation kit from Gartner Studios then pop over toUPrint for free wedding invite templates. Gartner’s sells kits for as low as .74 for a set. This is a great price for these printable wedding invitations and templates.

My Gatsby also has a great selection of DIY wedding invitation supplies, their sets as low as .75 each. For the not so DIY inclined, you can also pick out the stationery you would like, and email them for a printing quote.

LCI PaperLCI Paper Co. offers the traditional, classic wedding invitation set (in square or rectangle) for $31 for box of 50 as well as lots of other designs to pick from at still reasonable prices. They also offer you the option of designing your own invite from scratch right there on their site. Free shipping for orders over $45 is also a great plus.

diy wedding invitations - rexcraft

Rexcraft, a wedding stationer giant since 1910, offers printable wedding invitations as well as DIY wedding invitations. You’ve got a myriad of paper products to pick from and any embellishments you might dream up for your invite. From ribbons to confetti to charms, everything they offer is super affordable.

Stamps are an awesome way to add design and personality to your DIY wedding invitations. If you print on plain card stock (color of your choice, of course) or are using a plain wedding invitation kit, you can pick out a stamp to compliment the theme and style of your wedding, You can also use this stamp for other wedding stationery items to continue the design. At Simon Stamp you can upload your own graphic for a custom made stamp in about seven different sizes, starting as low as $6.90. If you don’t have your own design, pick a simple but elegant monogram stamp from Rubber Stamps starting at $11.95. Also check out Michael’s and hobby lobby, they have a ginormous stamp collection and you are sure to find one that will work for you. Speaking of Michael’s, they also offer unique wedding invitations, however you can only purchase them in the store.

InviteSiteAre you an eco-friendly bride? Invite Site has earth friendly DIY invite kits for around $3.00 per set as well as printing services – for about a dollar more per set- on a plethora of unique wedding invitations. And if you need a little extra assistance, they have free DIY wedding invitation tutorials right there on their website.

Take a look at CreateForLess  for an amazing selection of DIY wedding invitation materials such as card stock, envelopes, stamps and embossers. Their prices are as fantastic as their selection and they are always having some kind of sale. Additionally, you could win a $100 shopping spree just for signing up for their Newsletter.

my wedding labelsMyWeddingLabels is another great DIY wedding stationery resource, offering many different items for your wedding. From ultra chic place setting cards to unique favors to recipes for you to make your own incredibly unique wedding favors. And all at super reasonable prices.

diy wedding invitations - formal invitationsFormal Invitations is a ginormous online resource for all types of wedding invitation printing. They offer 3 ways to order: invite kits, mix and match supplies and custom printing. They also give you access to lots of tutorials and templates – for PC and MAC – to help you along your diy route. Their invitations are really unique, super creative, and start at .66 each for the set. My favorite? The fleur de lis invite for .74 per set. Even the invitations that aren’t in the “cheap wedding invitations” section are super reasonable and super chic.

Paper Presentation has an incredible selection of truly unique paper products and other materials for your DIY invitations from scratch, including wedding invitation software programs.

Not just for TP and toothpaste! Check out and for some great budget friendly wedding invitation kits – between the two retail giants you’ve got hundreds of different styles and designs to pick from at super cheap prices. How does .50 for a set sound? They sell online as well as in the stores.

Have all your DIY wedding invitation supplies figured out? Here are some great online resources for your next steps:


For the super creative budget bride, download free software from Serif to design your own invitation templates:

Need help with your invitation fonts? Check out these free font sites:
1001 Free Fonts
 (almost free)
LinoType (almost free)

If you are going to save some cash by addressing your own invitations, make sure they aren’t done in the same chicken scratch as your grocery list. Learning calligraphy for addressing your own invitations can save $2-3 per invite, and a calligraphy kit will only cost you between $20 and $40. This will take some time to master, so give your self plenty of practice time, and be patient with it. Check out this site for detailed calligraphy instruction.

Whatever your DIY wedding invitation preference is, hopefully this page gave you some ideas and inspiration for your project.