DIY Carnation Bouquet

Carnations are overlooked and underrated in the wedding world but a few simple tricks turn this budget bloom into a gorgeous gathering of color and texture. They are great for DIY Brides because they are easy to work with, super hardy, and very affordable! Plus, they come in a huge selection of stunning colors! And when you bunch a lot of them together, they really do look like an expensive bloom. They really are underrated, but don’t take my word for it, Marina from Fifty Flowers shows us how to create a lovely bouquet using these super budget friendly blooms.

What You Will Need:

*Carnations from
*Greenery (Optional) –Try Honey Bracelet or Maidenhair Fern for a softer feel, or Horsetail for a super cool modern look!
*Sharp Shears or Knife
*Floral Tape
*Ribbon or Fabric of your Choice
*DIY Floral Pins


1. To make the Bouquet, begin by crossing two stems of carnations below their blooms. (Note: You can either bunch stems of the same color together or mix colors at random)
2. Repeat step one by adding two more crossing stems to your bouquet (see picture). Turn the bouquet about a quarter turn.
3. Add a little bit of Greenery (Optional).
4. Repeat steps one, two and three.
5. Continue until your Bouquet is a nice full size and shape (this could range between 30-50 Carnations for a Bridal Bouquet and about 20 for a Bridesmaid Bouquet or Petite Bride).
6. Tape the stems together with Floral Tape.
7. Check out your bouquet…At this point, you could add any additional stems where needed. Tape to secure.
8. Cut the stems to your desired length.
9. Clean any extra foliage off the stems.
10. Wrap the stems of the bouquet with ribbon or fabric and secure with Floral Pins. (Leave bottom of stems unwrapped to keep your bouquet fresh in a vase of shallow water.)
11. Finish by re-trimming the stems if needed and trimming any extra ribbon or fabric.

 diy carnation bouquet

It really is that simple. Check out the carnation bouquets for more ideas and inspiration.


 diy-carnation-bouquet-4 diy-carnation-bouquet-5diy-carnation-bouquet-6

diy carnation bouquet diy carnation bouquet
Photo Credits: FiftyFlowers, Marvelous Things PhotographyThe Knot, Classic Blooms Studio