DIY Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

So I saw this on Pinterest and knew I had to try it. Fabulous idea for my Christmas gifts this year, but what an AMAZING idea for DIY wedding favors! You need just a few things that you might already have around your house to make this super scrumptious peppermint candy cane sugar scrub!


You will need sugar, coconut oil (or almond oil), peppermint essential oil and a few drops of raspberry (or other) juice for coloring. This was super easy and super fun. I am constantly seeing “Pinterest Fails” posted on facebook which are hilarious and I’m totally not crafty so I thought for sure I would be able to submit this project to “Craft Fail” or some other such site, but alas… great success!!!

So because I discovered this idea less than 2 weeks out from Christmas and I’ll be traveling to see family soon, I did not order online from a cheap source like the jar store or even Amazon, I got a couple packs of blue Ball mason jars from Kroger ($9.99 for 6) and a few jars with latch lids from IKEA for around $2.50 each. Both types of jars are on the larger side and also probably more than you want to spend per wedding favor on just the container, but this is what I wanted to use on such short notice. The original creator of this idea (I really wish I could claim this!), The Idea Room, used Starbucks frappaccino glasses which is brilliant. And if you are a Starbucks frappacino drinker already, they end up being free! But if you don’t already drink them, you can still find a 4 pack at Kroger (or similar) for about $5.

The original recipe is as follows, and I’ll *star my tweaks:

Two cups of white granulated Sugar
1/4 cup to 1/3 cup Almond Oil (Coconut Oil will work too) *I did use coconut oil and you just have to melt it in the micro in order to mix it in, I did find that I used closer to the 1/3+ cup of coconut oil per two cups of sugar for my preferred consistency. I also used two different coconut oils for different batches. I used one coconut oil (already had on hand) that had a very strong coconut smell, and mixed with the peppermint oil created the most amazing, intoxicating scent! I used another jar of coconut oil (went out and purchased, about $8 for 30 oz) that had no scent, so the smell came solely from the peppermint oil. I think I prefer the smell the two scents make together, but that is just a personal preference and the peppermint scent by itself it still amazing. 
Add the oil slowly till you have a nice soft consistency that is soft but not too oily. Then add a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. *I got Peppermint essential oil from Michael’s, $2.99 for a pack of two tiny bottles. A little bit goes a long way.


Once you have it all mixed together you will want to divide the scrub into two equal parts and in separate containers. You will need to add some color to one of the containers. You can use a little bit of food coloring OR you can add some raspberry juice like I did. I simply took a couple of drops of juice from a bag of frozen raspberries…the perfect organic red colorant. *I also used the juice from frozen raspberries that had started to melt and it’s perfect!



Make a large funnel out of a piece of paper (a small one will not allow enough room for the sugar scrub to pass through it) and add a small amount into the jar. Press the sugar down lightly so that the sugar is even. *I did not need to use the paper but a small spoon, and used a wine cork on the end of a fondue fork to press the sugar down.
Alternate colors until the scrub is almost to the top, and voila!


It was seriously amazing, and seriously easy. I also bought some craft sticks from Michael’s for the scoop, about $3.50 for a pack of 40. I got a 3 pack of twine from The Dollar Tree and used it to wrap the stick to the mason jar. I didn’t put a stick with the latch lid jar because the mouth is wide enough for your hand to get in there even when the scrub is almost gone.
The label came from The Idea Room’s facebook page, go give her some love then click on “free gifts for the download.” You simply print them out on cardstock, and use a glue stick to affix them. Easy as PIE!

These make fabulous Christmas gifts, and really fantastic DIY wedding favor gifts. Just tweak the scent to fit your wedding theme or season (orange, lemon, cinnamon, apple, etc) and pick your jar or container, and run with it. Super fun to make with friends/bridesmaids over snacks and wine one night. Enjoy!