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Today’s brides are trying to plan and create their dream weddings on a budget. Their budget. The US economy has been in the dumps for a few years now and smart brides all over the country are taking control of their planning (who needs a wedding planner when you’ve got some budget savvy-ness and an internet connection?), getting more involved and hands on with the details (DIY Wedding anyone?) and prioritizing what is most important to them (do you really need that $500 chocolate fountain?) Real weddings on a budget are now the rule, instead of the exception.

weddings on a budget

The stories below are all from real brides, sharing their budget wedding ideas and actual wedding budget planning tips and tricks. This real wedding comes to you from the real Budget Savvy Bride, Jessica. Jessica planned her Tennessee wedding with attention to detail, creative personal touches and, of course, remarkable budget savvy-ness. She lets us in on some great tips for saving some serious cash, shares stunning DIY projects, and reflects on how all her careful planning allowed for her and her hubby to enjoy the day, and each other.
Weddings on a Budget: Jessica & Eric,the Budget Savvy Bride

I am proud to be an editorial partner with Two Bright Lights – a brilliant concept in the wedding world that connects photographers to helpful wedding websites, such as this fabulous one (wink). This Two Bright Lights real wedding comes to us from Estes Park, Colorado – where the scenery is beautiful and the bride is fabulously frugal! Check out some amazing ways Debbie and Matt saved money on their wedding – yet still had a gorgeous, fun event!
Weddings on a Budget: Debbie & Matt

Another Two Bright Lights wedding! Check out how Krysten and Jimmy pulled off their big day by incorporating a few very smart budget friendly ideas in order to make a larger impact on their overall budget.
Weddings on a Budget: Krysten & Jimmy

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