Real Budget Weddings: Florida Bay Bash

I love this wedding! Planned around family and friends, including the four-legged kind, Kathie and Tony’s Florida waterfront wedding was filled with personal touches that made the day fun for them and all of their guests.


real budget weddings
real budget weddings
real budget weddings
real budget weddings

Real Budget Weddings:

Katherine & Tony

Destin, Florida

October 13, 2013


What was your budget?

Our budget was $20,000 including the honeymoon

Venue: $4,000 Destin Bay House 

Save the Dates and Invitations: $445 Wedding Paper Divas

Officiant: $150

The Dress: $2,000 Simply Elegant

Hair and makeup: $250 Lanna Bloodworth

Grooms Apparel: $500 Men’s Warehouse

Catering: $3,000 Culinary Caterer 365

Alcohol: $400

Photography: $2,500 Sunset Images 

Flowers: $350 Friendly Florist

Music: $400 DJ Vaughn $500 Shane Curle

Decorations: $400

Cake: $200 Neau Cakes

Rentals: $300 Premier Rentals 

Bridal Party Gifts: $200

Honeymoon: $2,300

What personal or creative aspects did you incorporate into your wedding?
I loved making things! I made banners using wooden letters and fabric and I used a lot of pearl strings to outline. I went to thrift shops for frames and vases and then decorated them. My favorite aspect of our wedding was the elegant but laid  back feel. It really was the best of both worlds.

What areas did you save the most money in?
Firstly, all of the things I could do myself! Anything and everything that I could do, I just did. Secondly, I asked for lots of help.  You are who you know. If you have friends that manage a restaurant, utilize them. If you know someone who has access to liquor and beer at a discount, utilize them. If you know someone who can make awesome paper flowers that look real, utilize them. Don’t be afraid to ask people to help you, most people will just be happy to be a part of your big day! (Even if they are not invited!) Thirdly, re-purpose!!! We had an old cheese box as a card holder, and a bucket to put the seating numbers in. Also, I didn’t think that I had to have the most expensive of everything. You can compromise and still be happy because all of the items you purchase will mean just as much to you no matter what you spent on them because they were a part of your wedding day.

What was your biggest splurge, and why?
I had originally budgeted $1,000 for a photographer. It wasn’t until I began to “shop” for one that I realized this may be something I want to splurge on. You will take away many memories, but your photographs are truly timeless. I recommend doing the same.

What was your favorite detail?
I would have to say is that we incorporated our dog, Dude, into the wedding. He was a ring bearer and had everyone laughing and smiling. It was something unique and totally us.

What’s your one A-HA moment or takeaway tip for brides in the planning process?
No matter what you accomplish or who you hire in the days leading up to the wedding, there will ALWAYS be some last minute things that come up. The best way to handle these things is to delegate them to someone else. You relax, and let everyone else help you.

The bride handled all the wedding details herself. She was very intent on their dog “Dude” being a huge part of the wedding and had him dressed in a cute bow tie. The ring bearer hated his tux shirt and insisted it be removed but still wore his suspenders and bow tie which inspired the groomsmen to do the same and surrounded the bride while dancing to “Sexy and You know it”.