Cheap Platinum Wedding Rings

The What, When, Why and How Much?!

Once you learn a little bit about its history, you are going to wonder how finding cheap platinum wedding rings is even possible. (Fortunately for you, I tell you on this page!)

cheap platinum wedding rings

The What
First recognized as an element around 1700 AD, the precious metal platinum has actually been around since 700 B.C. Known for it’s strength, beauty and durability, platinum is 30 times more rare than gold, and, at minimum, about 4 times the priceOuch.

The Where
Platinum’s use in jewelry didn’t begin until the 18th century in Europe, and was only attainable by royalty or the extremely wealthy. Platinum’s popularity peaked in the early 1900′s, when it was the metal of preference for all fine jewelry in the U.S. When World War II began, the U.S. government declared platinum a “strategic metal” and any non-military use of it, including in jewelry, was prohibited. To satisfy those folks whopreferred platinum over any other jewelry metal, white gold was substituted in it’s absence. (OK super boring history lesson over!)

The Why
The rise of platinum’s popularity began about 10 years ago, and hasn’t stopped rising since. Neither has it’s price. Understandably, as its a beautiful metal who’s properties make it 100% hypoallergenic, very difficult to damage or scratch, and it’s intarnishable. (I think I just made up that word).
Bottom line, cheap platinum wedding rings seem like they would be totally non-existent. However, there are a few sources where you can get platinum for not a whole lot more than gold.

The How Much
To put the typical price of platinum in perspective, I visited several large national jewelry store chains. Most of them “known” for having reasonable or “cheap” prices. You ready for this? A 4mm round, plain, 10 karat whitegold wedding band averaged $179. Doable, right? Well, if you want that exact same wedding band from the “cheap” jewelry store chain in platinum and white gold (not even PURE platinum, mind you) be prepared to fork over $1,189 for it. If you don’t actually want any white gold mingling with your precious platinum, then get out your platinum credit card so you can pay for it’s $2,499 pure platinum price tag! Ridiculous.

This is exactly the reason more brides, especially budget brides, have been opting for white gold over platinum. Don’t get me wrong, I love white gold and personally own a decent amount of jewelry made with that metal, but it doesn’t really hold a candle to platinum. White gold tarnishes somewhat easily (it starts to turn yellow), is much easier to scratch, bend or damage, and is much, much lighter. I know that for these reasons alone, most brides (and grooms) who prefer the silver metal look over the yellow metal, would love to be able to afford platinum.

Well hold onto your platinum credit cards because you absolutely CAN afford a platinum ring. Remember that $1,189 4mm platinum ring mentioned above? Well how would you like to buy that exact same ring for $442? Or maybe you would prefer something a bit thinner for $207. $207!! Talk about cheap platinum wedding rings! Regardless of the size, width or style you want, there is an affordable platinum option out there for you.

The budget saving site that offers these cheap platinum wedding bands is Wedding Ring Hotline. They also offer tungsten, palladium and gold wedding rings as well. Remember that 10 karat gold wedding ring for $179? Well you can get that exact ring from Wedding Ring Hotline for $35. My last tank of gas cost almost twice that! From round to flat to milgrain to beveled to diamond pavé, they have every style in every metal at very affordable prices.

cheap platinum wedding rings

If you are interested in getting your engagement ring and wedding rings from the same source BrillianceBlueNile and DivaDiamonds (use code 50off for $50 off any item plus free shipping) also have reasonable prices on gold and platinum. They can’t quite match Wedding Ring Hotline’s prices on their cheap platinum wedding rings, but they are still a good budget friendly choice if you want to buy your engagement ringand wedding rings from the same source.

Like everything else talked about on this site, I’ve researched cheap platinum wedding rings high and low for the best possible quality and prices. Like several other cheap wedding ideas and items, I’ve concluded that unless you are catching a sale at a jewelry store that is going out of business and “everything must go,” the best sources for cheapplatinum wedding rings are online. Hands (mouses) down.