Cheap Wedding Rings: Best Deals For Your Bridal Buck

Believe it or not, cheap wedding rings are fairly easy to find. Budget Brides are thinking out of the box to get the most ring for their buck in what is usually a very expensive wedding item.

cheap wedding rings

There are lots of different and non-traditional places to find your wedding rings at a great price:

Online auctions - In my opinion, best source to save the most money on a ring purchase.
Heirloom rings - In your family or his – Most of the time, FREE.
Estate sales - You may stumble across a treasure for cheap.
Wholesale Jewelers - Sometimes hard to find, but worth the hunt.
Online merchants - Another fantastic budget saving source as they don’t have the overhead of a brick and mortar.
Family Jeweler - If your parents or another relative have gone to a particular jeweler for a long time for all their jewelry or watch needs, they might be willing to work with you in hopes that you will give them all of your future business.

Tips and Tricks to find your Cheap Wedding Ring:

Choose white gold or titanium over platinum, the look will be essentially the same but less than half of the price tag.Don’t be afraid to look at places not deemed a “wedding” or “jewelry” merchant. For example, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and Sam’s Club. Bride Heather got all her rings (engagement and wedding) from Sam’s not because it was a cheap wedding ring set, but because she happened to come across it and fell in love with it. The fact that is was super cheap was just a big bonus.Online retailers mark up their jewelry about 15% versus the 70%-100% markup of a brick and mortar store. This is a no brainer girls! Check out online merchants such as Ross-Simons,Wedding Ring Hotline and Jewels Warehouse. All offer diamond eternity and wedding bands for incredibly reasonable prices. (All cheaper than the retail giants I mentioned above!)
I’ve personally purchased diamond and gemstone bands from both Ross-Simons and Jewels Warehouse, and even years later I couldn’t be more happy with the rings or the price. Make sure to check out Wedding Ring Hotline as well, their platinum wedding rings (Caution: loads slow but well worth the wait!) are priced like gold. I’ve never seen such low prices for platinum anywhere. I highly recommend them for mens wedding rings as well as womens wedding rings.Visit ebay as well for cheap wedding rings - prices on ebay are about as competitive as they get.Choose a simple band, especially if you have a detailed or intricate engagement ring. You can easily find a simple gold band for well under $100. In fact, how does $35 for a cheap wedding ring (another slow load) sound?

Consider custom made but unconventional rings such as these stone stunners from McFarland Designs. Not only does this artist use “fair trade” stones, but she donates 5% of her monthly sales to different charities and uses recycled materials whenever she can get her hands on them. Her beautiful, affordable jewelry is a no-brainer for any budget bride, but especially those “green” budget brides!

Your local antique store is a great place to find cheap wedding bands. They always have jewelry, and a lot of their selection are, or can be used as, wedding bands. Don’t forget to ask “is this the best price you can give me?” (Standard negotiation statement for antique stores which almost always works).

Don’t wince, but consider taking a trip over to a pawn shop. A lot of times when things don’t sell at Estate sales, they end up at pawn shops. So just because you find cheap wedding rings there doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a pleasant and romantic history, versus the usual imagined scenario a pawn shop might conjure up.

Metals are priced by weight, so opting for a thinner band will also thin out the price.

Stay tuned to jewelry store pre-holiday sales, the savings can be significant.

With This Bling: Cheap Engagement Rings

One of those wedding items that seems like an total oxymoron. How is a cheap engagement ring possible? Anything is possible for the Budget Bride, you just have to put your thinking veil on. You might already have your ring, but want to upgrade one day. Or you might be a bride who’s fiancé wants your input and guidance on the engagement ring he chooses. Either way, these tricks, tips and hints will help you get the most rock for your dollar regardless of what type of ring you are looking for.

Match Your Bling: Cheap Platinum Wedding Rings

Just like cheap engagement rings, finding cheap platinum wedding rings doesn’t quite seem possible either. Despite it’s popularity and rarity, it’s still possible to find one that fits your budget. And thanks to the wonderful world wide web, there’s a plethora to pick from just a mouse click away.

For Your “Better” Half: Cheap Wedding Rings For Men

It’s just as important to get a great deal on his ring as it is yours. Regardless of his style or substance preference, there are great deals to be snatched up all over the place.

Creatively You: Design A Wedding Ring

Don’t let pre-conceived notions of high price tags prevent you from doing research on how to design a wedding ring. Usually the first thought that comes to mind when you think of designing your own ring, is that it’s out of your budget. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, because of the numerous different sources and methods that are available for you to create your own marriage masterpiece, designing your own wedding ring is very likely to be cheaper than buying one already in existence.

As you now know, cheap wedding rings for both women and men are easily,easily attainable. Regardless of your purchase preference you can find the wedding ring that both you and your fiancé want, at a price you will be more than happy to pay.

Budget Weddings - How to Save Thousands