Cheap Wedding Rings for Men

The What, When, Why and How Much?!

cheap wedding rings for men

When it comes to cheap wedding rings for men, the options are practically endless. There are many different styles, metals, and price ranges to pick from. And more importantly, many different sources.

Whether your groom’s preference is round plain, low dome, beveled edge, milgrain, flat plain, etc. etc. there are affordable options for each style.

There are also a lot of affordable options for each type of metal available for men. Whether his metal of choice be platinum, white gold, yellow gold, titanium, stainless steel, palladium or tungsten, you can find it at a price you can afford.

Fortunately, a lot of the same tips and hints for finding your engagement ring and wedding ring, can also apply to finding cheap wedding rings for men.

Wedding Rings for Men Styles:

Round Plain – Also referred to as domed, this is the most popular and traditional men’s wedding ring style. You have the option of shiny or matte, and because of its simple construction, this style tends to be the most affordable for all metal categories.

Flat plain – The name implies exactly that – the edges of the ring are flat versus the usual round edges which makes this ring a more comfortable choice for a lot of men. Can be done high polished or matte.

Low dome – In between the round and the flat and also can be done high polished or matte. Another very comfortable and affordable style choice.

Milgrain – Available on both the flat and domed styles, the decorative beading around the edge of the ring brings a little extra personality to it. Usually just a little bit more expensive than the above choices, but still very affordable.

There are many other styles and variations to consider when looking for cheap wedding rings for men, but the above 4 are the most popular and common.

Now onto the part that truly determines the prices of the ring, regardless of the style: what it’s made out of. But never fear, there are cheap wedding rings for men out there in every metal. You just have to know where to look!

Yellow gold is the more traditional metal and has been a mainstay in men’s wedding rings for about as long as anyone can remember. About ten or so years ago, white metals started to surge in popularity. Namely, white gold and platinum. White gold, being 1/3 or less the price of platinum, is the metal of choice for those who want the platinum look, but not the platinum price. However, gold by nature is not an extremely durable or strong metal, so stronger, yet equally affordable “silver” metals emerged several years ago. Tungsten and titanium being 2 of them.
Both excellent cheap wedding rings for men options, titanium tends to be a little less expensive than tungsten. Check out  for THE best prices on tungsten wedding rings.

Cheap Wedding Rings for Men: Best Sources

Now for the places to find the best deal – my favorite part!

cheap wedding rings for men  - yellow gold at mondera

For yellow gold, I have found that a lot ofjewelry outlets – online stores, stores in malls, etc. included, – have pretty competitive prices. The same goes for white gold. This is especially useful if your guy really wants to touch and feel the exact ring before the purchase.

However, I have found that THE lowest prices ANYWHERE for ALL metals, platinum included, is at  Wedding Ring Hotline. They are the crowning jewel for cheap wedding rings for men (and women!)

From gold wedding rings starting at $35, to platinum rings starting at $207. Most platinum rings anywhere else START at over $1,000.
(I’ll give you a sec to get up off the floor.)

How does WRH do it? I have no idea! But who cares! They have thousands of rings to pick from, and they are all at ridiculously low prices. They even offer free engraving. I’m convinced their jewelry grows on trees, because how else can they have prices this low?!

I dare you to find a better place to find cheap wedding rings for men. I dare you! And if you find one, please email me so I can add them to my site!