Design a Wedding Ring

Creatively Cheap! Design A Wedding Ring

One creative and very personal way to save on your wedding is to design a wedding ring for yourself and/or your future hubby.One might think this would make your rings more expensive in the long run, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you know where to do the designing! It’s also easier than you think to design a wedding ring, whether it be the engagement ring or actual wedding band. Many jewelry websites offer a free virtual software program for you to play with designs, styles, settings, metals (including engraving and special detailing), stone shapes, etc. etc. 

You also have the flexibility to pick from a particular price range for the setting and center stone, or you can search and pick from the diamond characteristics such as size (carat), clarity, cut, color and shape. Typically, the order of personal importance for brides and couples tends to be stone shape, carat weight, color, clarity and then cut.

Even if you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, these programs are obviously very visual and give you a huge selection to pick from, each step of the way.

You also don’t have to be super creative or artistic to design a wedding ring or engagement ring since there are hundreds of options for you to pick from, shown right there on the website. Prices included. 

Typically there are a minimum of 6 fairly simple steps in order to design a wedding ring or engagement ring:

    • 1st step, you choose the shape of the stone. (round cut, asscher cut, cushion cut, etc.)
    • 2nd step, you enter your price range.
    • 3rd step, you choose the carat, cut, color and clarity of that stone.
    • 4th step, you choose an stone from the options offered once you’ve entered the parameters of the 4 Cs.
    • 5th step, you pick your metal preference.
    • 6th step, you pick the actual setting for the stone.

Picking the setting is the really fun part, because there are literally endless possibilities for the stone you have chosen. Of course, if you are designing your wedding band and not an engagement ring, the process might contain less steps if you don’t choose to incorporate any diamonds or gemstones in your ring. I designed this ring online in less than 5 minutes. It was an absolutely painless process and the only trouble I had was deciding which one of the 106 settings I wanted with my emerald cut diamond!

design a wedding ring

The reason why it would not cost any more, in fact it will most likely cost less, to design a wedding ring or engagement ring, is because most of these online sites are wholesalers and specialize in loose stones. And as you know, picking out a loose diamond or gemstone is the first part of the designing process.

design a wedding ring

The below sites all have fantastic design a wedding ring or engagement ring software and functionality.

In addition to online jewelers, your local or family jewelry store might be able to help you design a fabulous yet budget friendly wedding ring. You will get really great service and a lot of places are more than happy to work with you and your budget, in order to gain future business from you. Those types of jewelry stores are also likely to offer your wedding bands for free or at a large discount, if you get the engagement ring from there. Some national chains do that as well, you just have to keep your eye out for their sales and specials.