Cheap Wedding Cakes

Have Your Cake & Eat it Too!

Don’t let the notion of cheap wedding cakes conjure up a notion of cheap wedding taste. You can have a magnificent cake that tastes just as magnificent, without going over your budget.

The cost of wedding cakes these days is simply put, ridiculous – and can easily put any wedding over budget. Professionally made cakes can range anywhere from $5-$20 per slice. Invite just 100 people and you are looking at an average price tag of over $1,000 – most of the time not including delivery and set up charges. You probably paid less for your wedding dress!

Cheap Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are amazing works of art and a lot of focus will be put on it during your reception, but that’s absolutely no reason why it should break your budget.

cheap wedding cakes


These cheap wedding cake idea pages talk in detail about which kind of cakes are going to best fit your budget, as well as offer some great alternative ideas to the traditional wedding cake experience – including making your own! There are also lots of wedding cake tips and hints if you do in fact decide to go the traditional wedding cake experience route. If you’re channeling Betty Crocker, you can make your own cheap wedding cake with this wedding cake decorating ideas guide and recipe page. Making your own wedding cake is a fantastic, FUN way to save a ton of money and to bond with some girlfriends!


simple wedding cakes
One guaranteed way to save money on this aspect of your wedding, is to choose from simple wedding cakes and stay away from elaborate and intricate cakes – keeping in mind that simple absolutely does not have to mean plain or boring. Here are some great ideas for some simple wedding cakes, and just like your wedding dress can be simple yet stunning, so can your cake.

cupcake wedding cakes

Cupcake wedding cakes are the latest and hottest trend in wedding planning. They are “untraditional,” stylish, and super budget friendly! You can have them professionally made by a baker, or for the DIY bride, make them yourself! Either way, it’s a huge budget cutter. You can still have the traditional cake-cutting ceremony by getting a very small version of your dream wedding cake, and serving your guests the different flavored cupcakes. This page has lots of tips and hints on cupcake wedding cakes, as well as a recipe and guide so the budget savvy DIY bride can make her own! Martha Stewart move over! 


unusual wedding cakes

Looking for an out of the box way to save money on your wedding cake? Explore unusual wedding cakes and trend setting creative confections as an alternative to the traditional tiered white cake wonder. Your gorgeous cake will be like no other and your budget will actually thank you for it!