Simple Wedding Cakes

Makes Yours Simply Stunning

There are tons of cheap wedding cake tricks, and choosing from simple wedding cakes over mountains of marzipan is definitely one of my favorites.

You can shave quite a bit off your bottom line by choosing a simple wedding cake. And by simple I do not mean plain, boring or run of the mill. By nature, cakes are beautiful works of art and when it come to wedding cakes, less can definitely be more – except when it comes to your wallet.

There are so many things you can do to dress up your simple wedding cake. You can add silk or real flowers, edible pearls, ribbons, monogram cake toppers, the list goes on. Even a Swiss dot pattern or simple piping will be very budget friendly. 

A friend of mine choose a 4 tier, round and square buttercream frosted wedding cake (chocolate sponge cake) with no decoration whatsoever except for some simple piping around the edge of each tier. It was actually very beautiful as is, but she took a few hydrangeas to place on top of her cake, and it was stunning! I couldn’t believe it. She saved around $300 for choosing a cake without any elaborate icing, decoration, or ornamentation, and the hydrangeas cost her maybe $12. The cake couldn’t have been more beautiful! See for yourself!

simple wedding cakes - amy's cake

simple wedding cakes - messy icing

As you know, the high price of wedding cakes these days derives mostly from labor costs – and not the actual materials and ingredients required to make the cake. Choosing a simple wedding cake with no details, frills or intricacy can certainly shave a ton off the bottom line, but what if you could cut the cost of simple cake labor even more? After all, even if you only have one layer of regular (non-fondant) icing on your whole cake, it takes time, lots of time, to get that one layer smooth. Very smooth. Check out this cake – it’s “messy” icing application was obviously intentional, but who would have thought it could look so elegant and sophisticated? A simple wedding cake design, made even simpler. Thus, made even cheaper. Sane and Super Sweet!
If you are interested in adding some flowers to your simple wedding cake, consider edible flowers such as Pansies (semi-sweet), Roses (mild and sweet), Lavender (perfumy), Nasturtiums (peppery), Apple Blossoms (delicate floral), Calendulas (range from spicy to bitter, tangy to peppery), Carnations (sweet), Chamomile (sweet, apple-like flavor), Chrysanthemums (tangy, slightly bitter), Day Lilies (slightly sweet with a mild vegetable flavor), Hibiscus (cranberry/citrusy like flavor), Peonies (slightly sweet), and the list goes on.
Of course the flowers you choose for your wedding cake don’t have to be edible. Just make sure they are not treated with pesticides or herbicides

You can also have your florist make an additional small bouquet for the cake topper, and for extra elegance place the bridesmaids bouquets around the cake. You can also create a lot of effect with just the petals sprinkled on the cake, or around the table itself. Simply Stunning! 

simple wedding cakes - flowers simple wedding cakes - green piping simple wedding cakes - flowers 

simple wedding cakes - monogram

Another popular idea is to have a monogram cake topper. However, there a lots of pricey ones out there (One letter can start at $100 depending on how ornate it is!) so this would be a great project for the DIY brideWedding Cuts is a great resource for DIY monogram cake toppers. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you would like. A great source for your monogram jewels is TamisPlace. They offer free shipping and seem to have the most reasonable prices for monogram decorations.If you aren’t in the mood for a DIY wedding project, WeddingCuts and AcmeDesignCompany also sell already “jeweled” toppers starting at around $55. Want just a plain topper with no jewels to speak of? Then be prepared to fork over a whole $16 for a brushed metal, one letter monogram topper. I have 2 friends that have used these websites, one was a DIY bride and made her own jeweled monogram cake topper, and the other friend spent $68 including shipping for her already jeweled, single monogram topper. Both of these girls took affordable, simple cakes and made them simply stunning and while staying very budget friendly.