Cheap Designer Wedding Gowns

Prepare to Blush, Budget Brides! How and Where to find Cheap Designer Wedding Gowns!

Cheap Designer Wedding Gowns sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it! Is your dream wedding dress a Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Amsale, Oscar De La Renta, Ramona Kaveeza, etc. etc. etc. ?! Of course it is! Are you sitting down? Budget Brides be prepared to get the biggest dose of Sane Sweetness yet.

Discount designer wedding dresses not only exist, but they exist up to (and sometimes more!) 90% off of designer retail cost. (I’ll give you a minute to get up off the floor)… I’ve been researching this Budget Bride’s dream come true for the better part of 7 years and am never ceased to be amazed at the truly fantastic bargains that can be found for designer wedding dresses.

cheap designer wedding gowns


From eBay (a bargain hunter’s dream, as you know) to online boutiques to neighborhood boutiques, cheap designer wedding gowns are out there for your taking.

SOLD to the Really Smart, Savvy Bride! I will start with one of my favorite ways to shop – ONLINE! Do a search for “Vera Wang Wedding Dress” or “Carolina Herrera Wedding Dress,” etc. and one of the first stores to come up is Your Dream Dress. This seller purchases designer wedding dresses from couture bridal salons as well as straight from the actual designer. Dresses are priced between 40% and 90% (NINETY!!) off of retail. These designer wedding dresses are typically store samples that have been professionally cleaned and are most of the time in perfect condition.
Whether you are looking for Vera or Valentino, these guys have got it – and for a great deal.

Even if you aren’t looking for a designer wedding dress (because 50% off of $10,000 is still $5,000, right? I hear ya!) these types of online stores offer designer wedding dresses for often LESS than what you could get a “no-name” or “low-end designer” dress for anywhere else. Some of these designer wedding dresses are brand new, some are samples (so read the fine print about any possible flaws with the dress), and some are discontinued styles that have never been worn. With prices as low as 90% off of retail, I highly recommend you take a minute to consider purchasing your dress online.

cheap designer wedding gowns Another great source for online designer dresses is eBay, and the seller is the actual bride. Usually the dress is being sold after the wedding, and the dress has already been professionally cleaned. Again, a lot of these not-so-sentimental brides are selling their designer wedding dresses (in near perfect condition) for a little cash and some closet space. At this very moment there is a Vera Wang wedding dress that retailed for $6,000 being sold at $300. (Again, I’ll give you a minute to get up off the floor)… eBay is a treasure trove of bridal budget bliss, and cheap designer wedding gowns are only the icing on the proverbial cake.


Cheap Wedding Dresses For Sale

See a Pattern Here? Another fantastic online source for cheap designer wedding gowns is Bride Couture. This website has over 50 dress designersin their inventory, all between 50% and 75% off of retail. The most incredible thing about this site, is that they will ship gowns to you to try on, and the only thing required is a deposit. (Refundable, of course!) If you purchase a dress from them and aren’t 210% thrilled with it, you can return it for a full refund. Talk about Sane and Sweet!
Too good to be true you say? Check them out for yourself and you can browse through breathtaking designer wedding dress creations byAmsale, Anne Barge, Badgley Mischka, Christos, Henry Roth, Melissa Sweet, Monique Lhuillier, Reem Acra, Vera Wang, the list goes ON! Bride Couture is definitely worth bookmarking as a favorite for cheap designer wedding gowns.

Still not enough cheap designer wedding gown eye candy for you? Angeri and Bride Power. 50%-75% off of retail plus generous return policies make these two bookmark worthy as well.

Cheap not good enough for you? Check out Peri Dress for designer wedding dress selections. Brace yourself girls…their 90% off of retail pricing on dress designers such as Saison Blance and Carmela Sutera bring new meaning to the words “super cheap.”

Here are some other online resources for your Dream *Cheap* Designer Wedding Gown:

Bella Rosa Bridal
Encore Bridal
Once Wed
PreOwned Wedding Dresses
Perfect Bridal
Scarlett’s Closet
Wedding Dress Market
Wore It Once

These sites are only a sprinkling on the cake of what’s out there. Online sites for deeply discounted designer wedding dresses number in the hundreds.
Purchasing your cheap designer wedding gown online is without a doubt an excellent way to go. All you need is an internet connection and you can literally find, try on, and purchase, your dream discount designer wedding dress without leaving your living roomClick here for more info and tips on purchasing your designer wedding dress online.

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Are you a technology challenged but still Oh-So-Budget Savvy Bride? Prefer the traditional method of cheap designer wedding gown shopping? Don’t worry, I have lots of options for the bride who perfers in person versus online.


wedding dresses for rent

Renting Isn’t Just For Apartments Wedding Dress Rental has recently become a hugely popular trend – set by budget savvy brides, of course. Research the boutiques in your area that rent designer wedding dresses. Most places will allow you to alter it and you will get to wear your designer dream dress for a few hundred (or less), versus a few to several thousand. Another huge plus to renting your designer wedding dress is if you change the formality, season or style of your wedding, you can change your dress, too. This is a terrific, low hassle, wallet friendly solution for any budget bride. All you need to worry about is looking stunning on your wedding day while someone else worries about cleaning and storing it after. Very Sane and Sweet!!

Consider Consignment These shops sell wedding gowns – designer included. They are typically in good to almost new (or brand new) condition. The dresses might either be worn once, cleaned, and placed in this shop by not-so-sentimental brides, or they could be never worn wedding dresses new with tags looking to make their debut because a broken hearted bride couldn’t return it to the place she purchased it. Either way, you just scored a huge dose of Sane Sweetness!


cheap wedding dresses for sale

Vera Wang Is Coming To Town Well, no, not really. But her dresses may be. Trunk shows take place at bridal salons and boutiques and are held by the designer (more likely a representative for the designer) so that they may display a new line of dresses. Occasionally the salon will offer a small discount on that specific designer’s gowns during the trunk show. To take advantage of the discount, you may be required to make your purchase that same day as trunk shows only last 2-3 days. It’s a here today, gone tomorrow situation, so prepare yourself mentally and financially for that likely possibility.


cheap wedding dresses for sale

Snag a Sample A sample sale is when a bridal boutique or salon sells their sample dresses, hence the name, at a discounted price. Most of the time at 50% off or more. Sample wedding gowns get sold at a seriously marked down price when that gown design is discontinued, or when the shop or salon needs more rack room for new styles. Sample sales go on year round, however the more prevalent months to find these fabulous deals are April through May, and October through November. Sample sales are one of the best ways to snatch up a fabulous cheap designer wedding gown.