Maternity Wedding Dresses

The Perfect Dress for Blossoming Bellies!

It seems like it would be quite the challenge to find maternity wedding dresses – as your shape is ever changing! Fortunately, that is not the case and your sources for finding your dress are plentiful.

cheap maternity wedding dresses

Long gone are the days where hiding your pregnancy under a tent of a wedding dress is common practice. Times have changed, and so have maternity wedding dresses!

Today’s bride with a blossoming belly has almost just as many choices as a non-pregnant bride does. The expectant bride also has a choice of designer gowns – several wedding dress designers now have maternity wedding dress lines. Check out DressFinder for a list of maternity wedding dress designers.

Where and How to Look
Finding a maternity wedding dress is definitely not the challenge you might be thinking it is. Many styles and fabrics will work well with your figure – no matter how far along – or not – you may be.

Some great options are light, floating fabrics and silhouettes, as these will not cling and make you look like there is more there.

The most flattering wedding dress styles for your changing shape are Empire waist dresses, A-line silhouettes and Column Style dresses.

Cheap Maternity Wedding Dress Sources
As you’ve probably picked up on by now, I’m a HUGE fan of eBay. From satin sashes to stereos – if you can dream it up – it’s on eBay. Cheap maternity wedding dresses included! You can easily find a stunning dress for a few hundred dollars or less.

Staying with the online shopping route, check out Nicole Maternity. These dresses are quite pretty, and most are in the few hundred dollar range.

There are also several ‘regular’ online bridal stores that carry cheap maternity wedding dress lines. These dresses are elegant and flattering, and there are hundreds to pick from that are priced well under the few hundred dollar range.

Depending on your budget, Maternity Bride has some amazing dresses, and their prices range from $479 to around $850. These dresses are really beautiful and very unique. If I was a pregnant bride, this would probably be one of my first stops!


Cheap WeddingsSane and Sweet Tip: Remember to use your pre-pregnancy size when choosing your wedding dress. Maternity wedding dresses are sized like normal dresses, but are cut to accommodate your pregnancy shape. If you’ll be buying your dress way ahead of time, you will definitely want to take note of how far along your pregnancy will be by the time your wedding day arrives. Many brides who are expecting shop early for their wedding dress, but will need to keep in mind how big her bump will be on the day of. Maternity wedding dress designers realize this, and size their dresses accordingly to assure you the best possible fit.

Get Creative
Who says your wedding dress has to be a wedding dress? Check out House of Brides. They have an incredible collection of extremely affordable and beautiful maternity bridesmaids dresses that look just like wedding dresses! And of course are available in practically any color of the rainbow. 

Tips and Tricks
  • Call different bridal shops in your area before visitingto make sure they carry maternity wedding dresses. Most do these days, but in the interest of saving your valuable time, a quick phone call is well worth it.
  • Make sure to check out plus size wedding dresses - depending on your frame and stage of pregnancy, you might be able to find a dress that will work for you.
  • Maternity wedding dresses that are fitted right under the bust (Empire silhouette) will usually be the most flattering - especially if you are wanting to hide your bump versus show it off.
  • Be mindful of your tootsies! During pregnancy feet tend to swell and even for non-expectant brides the wrong shoes can practically ruin your big day. Consider cute little flats or even sassy flip flops. Most brides these days are throwing on the flops once they hit the dance floor anyway! Target has adorable white beaded flip flops for under $15. (Semi-platform for some extra height). Those were my sister’s saving grace at her wedding!
  • Wait until the last minute for your last fitting. A week or two before the big day, max! You might even have the seamstress give you a little extra space, sometimes a lot of growing can take place in a week or two! An experienced seamstress will know just how to handle the alterations if you have any concerns.
  • It’s best to stay away from very heavy fabrics as they can make you VERY hot and restrict movement. Also keep in mind lots of material can make you look bigger than you actually are.