More Wedding Dress Tips

Tips and Tricks to Help You Find The One

Here are some wedding dress tips that will hopefully make your adventure as Sane and Sweet as possible.

Start your search right away. It may take you awhile to find your cheap wedding dress, and depending on the source, may take awhile to order it and have it altered.

Keep in mind the season, location and time of the ceremony.Those elements will dictate the style AND price of your dress.

Be open to trying on all kinds of styles. You may have your heart set on a ballgown silhouette, but you may discover an A-line/Princess silhouette is most flattering to your figure. Wedding dress styles will look dramatically different on each body type.

Avoid the hoity toity super fancy bridal salons unless you are going to get a good idea of what styles you like best and to educate yourself on what quality wedding dresses look and feel like. And while you are there, make sure to scout our their sales rack. You never know what recently discontinued style marked 50% off might be your dream wedding dress.

Try to visit bridal shops and salons on any day BUT Saturday.Avoid going on the weekend altogether, if at all possible. Go during the week when it won’t be nearly as crowded. Most places have extended weekday hours for those coming after work, and you are sure to receive better service when you aren’t dealing with the weekend rush.

Liar, liar, pants on fire! Do not tell them your real wedding date. You heard me, LIE! This is one of my most favorite wedding dress tips. If your wedding date is Friday April 25th, tell them it’s Friday March 28th. Most shops cut the ordering time line of their dresses waaay to close, and sometimes there are unforseen disasters that are not easily dealt with because of the wedding date quickly approaching. I’ve heard stories of the wrong dress being ordered, dresses that arrive having stains on them, wrong sizes arriving, the list goes ON. And there usually isn’t enough time to get the issue resolved in a matter that is satisfactory to the bride. Save yourself the tears and don’t put yourself in this situation. Do you see why this is one of my most favorite wedding dress tips? I assure you, it will be yours, too. I promise it’s OK to lie, just this once. (Make your “lie” 2 months prior to your wedding date if you are planning to have wedding/bridal portraits done.)

Wear the same undergarments you will be wearing on your wedding day. This will ensure that you get exactly the fit you want with your dress. You would be surprised how just wearing a different brand of the same kind of underwear will make a difference. Don’t forget to wear them for all of your fittings as well.

Never, I repeat NEVER order or purchase a dress that’s even slightly too small hoping that you will lose those last 5 or 10 (or more) pounds. It’s MUCH easier, and much cheaper, to have a dress taken in as your big day approaches versus having to take it out. Taking your dress out requires extra material, and may alter the look of the dress drastically.

Always, ALWAYS pay by credit card. There is a law called Federal Regulation C, which entitles you to a complete refund if the item is not as promised. If you pay cash or write a check, you are out of luck, and out of money. My Mom has personal experience with this, and it hurts. This rule also applies to every other aspect of planning of your wedding as well: flowerscake, etc.

I hope these wedding dress tips are helpful to you if you plan to purchase your dress the tradition way – versus purchasing your dress online like a lot of brides these days are doing. This page will always be a work in progress, as I get stumble across new tips and tricks often.