Quality VS Crap

Know the Difference So You’re Not Royally Ripped Off

Don’t pay for a Porsche but get a Pinto. Know the difference between true quality seamstressing and true quality crap.

Not all dresses are made equal! And remember, just because the quality is top notch doesn’t mean you will have to break the bank in order to have it.

First, let’s discuss the Crap. These types of dresses can be found anywhere. From the hoitiest of salons, to the cheapest of bridal superstores. No one discriminates the crappily made wedding dress.

The first tell tale sign of a crappy dress is the fabric. If it looks cheap, (i.e. has a funny sheen and/or feel to it), it probably is and you should not waste anymore of your precious Wedding Dress Expedition time on it.

Another tell tale sign with the fabric is it’s “strength.” If it feels like you can tear it, you probably can, and probably will. Especially after your 9th glass of champagne.

If the dress has beading, make note as to how the beads are attached. If they are glued on, move on! Someone will most likely break their neck as your dress sheds its beads onto the floor throughout the reception.

How do the seams look? Do threads show through? Are the seams unfinished? Does it look like your 6 year old niece was the seamstress? If so, move on sista!

Similar guideline for the hem. Is it a simple straight stitch hem or again something your niece could have done? If yes, you know what to do.

Last but not least, how does it feel? Is it itchy, scratchy, or some other skin-crawling adjective? Again, you know what to do!

Now let’s talk about a Quality Wedding Dress.

The first thing you will notice is the fabric, and how luxurious it looks, AND feels. It will probably be either silk, or heavy weight satin. If you can check this criteria off, you are good to go so far.

If the dress has any beading, make sure they are SEWN on. No Elmer’s allowed, please.

The seams will have no visible threads, and there will be no indication that your 6 year old niece had anything to do with the making of this dress!!

Last but certainly not least, how does it FEEL? Is it comfortable? Does it feel like you can dance and move around and not have any major problems? If so, you have a Quality Wedding Dress.

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