Wedding Dress Tips

Style, Season and Spend

These are great wedding dress tips if you need a little guidance while searching for your dress, and 3 main questions need to be answered in order for you to start your wedding dress hunt.

1. What will the Style of my wedding be? Is it a ballroom banquet or garden tea party? Formal? Semi-formal? Completely Casual? Traditional? Contemporary? The dress you decide upon will depend on the formality and style of your wedding. Use this wedding dress style guide once you have decided on the formality of your wedding.

2. What Season will your wedding be in? The time of year you get married will influence the type of dress you choose. Some styles and fabrics are better suited for certain seasons. Your actual wedding date will also determine the shopping time line you have to work with. You need time to shop, time to order, and time for fittings. Even if you find your dream dress off the sales rack, you might still need time for alterations.

3. How much will you Spend? Whatever your bottom line figure is on the cost of your wedding dress will determine where you shop, and will eliminate dresses out of your set price point. Thus saving you the time of looking at dresses that are not an option for you. Having your budget in place before you start shopping will save you tons of time and headaches. So if you haven’t already done so, set your budget and wedding day priorities and get going on finding your dream cheap wedding dress