Wedding Dresses Online

As Simple as a Mouse Click

Wedding dresses online you ask? You bet your budget savvy buck! This might be my favorite part of the dream wedding planning process. It’s the one day in your life that you can truly wear a gown fit for a princess, and you get to search for it while wearing your purple pig footie pajamas if you so desire.

Cheap Wedding Dresses Online

Even if you are lucky enough to be a blank check bride, you will most likely spend a lot of time on the internet searching for your dream wedding dress. Already found it in a store or boutique? Get the designer dress name and style number so you can price compare wedding dresses online. I bet you my purple pig footie pajamas you will find it cheaper on the world wide web!

Online Auctions aren’t just for vintage Strawberry Shortcake lunch boxes. There is a HUGE selection of wedding dresses, and yes, designer wedding dresses, on eBay at unbelievably fantastic prices.

There are typically two types of bridal apparel sellers on eBay.

1. The eBay “stores” which are usually the actual manufacturer of the wedding dress, and the

2. Bride herself

Because most of the eBay stores are the actual wedding dress manufacturers, about four middlemen are cut out of the process before the wedding dress makes its way into your pretty little hands. And, of course, any and EVERY time an item changes hands before it lands at its final destination, the price is marked up. Way up. You will be shocked at the prices of these eBay wedding dresses. And the prices are really, for real.

Going Once, Going Twice…!

Cheap Wedding Dresses Online

I just did a search for “wedding dress” and over 20,000 auctions popped up. I randomly chose an auction on the first page, and this particular wedding dress is currently at $120, with a shipping charge of $65. The description states it’s a “one piece, taffeta, full A-line, corset back gown”.. etc etc. . more detail about the dress…. THEN… “the dress will be custom made”. What? WOW. Custom made. The pictures posted are beautiful. This particular seller has 99.3% positive feedback with a total of 291 feedbacks. This is an example of an eBay “store” in which the seller is most likely the manufacturer. Or a very enterprising Seamstress.


Another randomly chosen auction states “This Maggie Sottero Dress has been professionally dry cleaned by wedding dress specialists – I paid close to $1,000 for the dress and I don’t plan on wearing it again and simply don’t have the space to store it….” This is obviously a not-so-sentimental bride who would rather have some cash than hold onto a dress she will never wear again. This bride has several pictures posted and has 100% positive buyer feedback. She was only asking $40. $40!!!! Pictures posted are stunning!


Cheap Weddings

Sane and Sweet Tip: When searching for wedding dresses online – purchase according to your measurements if being custom made, and at least a size or 2 above your size if you are purchasing an “existing” dress. Not only do wedding dresses typically run about 2 sizes smaller than “street size” but if you are buying a dress from another bride, chances are it’s already been altered. It’s VERY expensive to have a dress taken OUT – and depending on the style of the dress – is not even possible to do so without seriously altering the way the dress looks.

Be Specific when Searching for Wedding Dresses Online. Such as “Vera Wang Wedding Dress” or “Reem Acra Wedding Dress.” My Vera Wang Wedding Dress search on eBay brought up 39 auctions, one of which is a $7,850 wedding dress being auctioned by an eBay store for $3,950. This price might still be a bit steep (OK jaw-dropping!) for most of you bargain hunting brides, but if your heart is set on a Vera Wang Wedding Dress, almost 50% off of retail price is a pretty fantastic deal. The seller of this Vera Wang has 645 feedbacks, ALL of which are positive. Now that’s a reputable seller.
My Reem Acra wedding dress search on eBay brought up 23 auctions. One of which is a bride who cancelled her wedding, and is selling her never been worn, $3,800 Reem Acra designer dress for $1,000. This broken hearted bride’s loss is your gain.

Cheap Weddings

Sane and Sweet Story: A friend of mine had found her dream dress, a stunning Alfred Angelo from his Destiny Collection.However, that dress retailed for around $800. Waaaay out of her budget. She had already gotten some other fantastic wedding items from eBay so she decided she would try and get her dress from there as well. She checked eBay daily for several weeks, and that exact dress popped up in her size for $240 including shipping. Sold to the Super Smart Savvy Budget Bride! She got her dress in less than two weeks and paid almost 75% off of the retail cost.


Designer Wedding Dresses are all over eBay and I’ve got lots more info on how to snag yours for a steal. 

Who would have thought cheap wedding dresses online would include Designer Lines?! Click here for more on Cheap Designer Wedding Gowns.

These are just a few examples of how you can find your dream wedding dress on eBay. Your search can be as general or as specific as you’d like and by reading seller feedback carefully, you will have a great idea of how reputable (or not) they are. And eBay is only the tip of the ice berg for finding cheap wedding dresses online! 

wedding dress discountwww dot WhatEverYourLittleHeartDesires dot com. Other non-auction resources for finding cheap wedding dresses online number in the hundreds. If you want a gorgeous wedding dress but don’t care what the label says, your options are fantastic and your chances of getting just what you want are just as fantastic. The only limit? Your own imagination.


Check out or They have dresses you can browse through on their site – [ which will be custom made when you submit your measurements – and you can also submit pictures from a magazine, or your own design to be custom made. How flippin cool is that!? You can also have a Designer Wedding Dress Duplicate custom made if you want the look of that designer – but not the designer price tag.

A true powerhouse in wedding dresses online retailing is House of BridesFrom Alfred Angelo to Divina Sposa to Waters Bride and everything in between, get ready to save upwards of 30%-40% on your designer dressand accessories purchase! Sign up to receive their e-mails and receive special offers such as free shipping and no sales tax. Extra Sane and Sweet!

Another resource for your Designer Wedding Dress Duplicate is This site is one of my favorite for finding cheap wedding dresses online as they have a “Vera Wang Style” and “Paula Varsalona”section among others for you to browse through. Make sure you are sitting down (on the floor!) when you take a look at their prices. The $169 Vera Wang Luxe Collection Duplicate almost made me fall out of my chair. I paid more for my prom dress back in 1995.

Seriously stop the presses, Dresses Shop was recently brought to my attention and I am SO glad to be able to share this website with you. They post testimonials from actual customers and they guarantee their dresses. For those two reasons alone, they are well worth looking into. Seriously, look at this dress for under $300!!

cheap wedding dresses online

What’s In Name Don’t care if your wedding dress isn’t technically a wedding dress? At custom create a dress (or suit) including color, size fabric and style that is truly red carpet worthy and wallet friendly. Check out their “Celebrity Inspired: Classic American Beauty” in Ivory satin for $130. $130! Now that’s Sane and Sweet!

Sources for cheap wedding dresses online are growing exponentially. The traditional and once mainstream “brick and mortar” high priced retailers are realizing most brides out there are not Blank Check Brides, therefore doing everything they can to not spend a fortune on their wedding, but at the same time have their dream wedding. They know brides are getting smarter and savvier, therefore so are they. Whether they are setting up eBay stores or creating websites that you can purchase from directly, finding cheap wedding dresses online literally gets easier by the day.