How to Make a Wedding Bouquet – Videos

How To Make Wedding Flowers:
Your Bouquet Start to Finish

Haven’t the foggiest on how to make wedding flowers? Well, you will in about 20 minutes from now!
These next 7 videos (they take a minute to load) will show you how to make
your own wedding bouquet, with easy, detailed instructions from start to finish
Making the decision to DIY wedding flowers can be a bit daunting
at first, but you will see after watching these videos that it’s not nearly as difficult as it seems.


Video: What You Will Need To Make Your Hand Tied Bouquet


Video: How to Choose and Prepare Your Wedding Bouquet Flowers


Video: How to Prepare Your Wedding Bouquet Greenery

Video: How to Arrange Your Wedding Bouquet Flowers



Video: How to Finish Your Wedding Bouquet Greenery and Tying the Stems


Video: Adding the Ribbon to Finish the Wedding Bouquet


Video: Storing and Caring for Your Finished Wedding Bouquet


Now that your “how on earth do I do this?!” question has been answered,
check out the DIY wedding flowers page to find out the best resources for all the supplies you will need, from floral tape to the flowers and everything in between.