Wedding Budget

Who Pays for What And Where Does it Go?

Budgeting for anything can be about as much fun as a root canal, but preparing your wedding budget – properly – will produce an end result that will be soooo worth it. The most important part of your newly acquired organizational skills will revolve around your bottom line. Below are the average percentages normally spent on each category. Remember each wedding is different, and percentage allocation can be adjusted based on your wedding planning priorities. Also remember that Langniappe (A.K.A. incidentals) add up quickly, so make sure to keep track of those as well. 

Budget Guide 

Ceremony – 2% -Location Fee -Officiant -Accessorites/Lagniappe

Reception - 48% -Location Fee -Rentals -Food, Wait Staff and Gratuity -Beverages, Bar Service and Gratuity - Cake and Cutting Fee

Bride’s Attire – 10% - Wedding Dress -Veil -Shoes -Undergarments

Photography/Videography – 10%

Music – 10%

Flowers - 10%

Invitations - 4%

Lagniappe (Miscellaneous) – 6% – Transportation, valet, thank you stationary, etc. 

The great thing about your budget and how it will work with this website’s money saving tips, is that you can continually adjust your $$ allocation as you save money along the way.

For example, let’s say your budget is $5,000 so you have allocated 10% ($500) on your dream wedding dress. Well as luck would have it, you found your dream dress at a sample sale for $200. Voila! Now you have $300 to allocate somewhere else in your budget. 

Although your honeymoon isn’t included in the “traditional” budget listed above, it’s just as important to plan and budget for it – after all, it’s your first vacation together as husband and wife!