DIY Wedding Projects: Fun, Frugal and Fantastically YOU

From DIY wedding invitations to homemade wedding favors, DIY projects have a huge presence in the budget wedding world, and even for those brides who aren’t on a budget. They can be fun, simple (sometimes) and best of all – completely unique as they are a reflection of you and your groom’s personality – and your creativity, of course!

There is an endless supply of DIY ideas, inspirations and tutorials on the web, so you could spend literally weeks – NO, months – looking through them – and still not get through a fraction of them. So on this page, I have brought the best of the best DIY projects to my dear readers. I will keep updating this page quite often (newest posts at the top), because of course every time I turn around – BAM – another fantastic and frugal DIY wedding project pops up on my ‘puter screen. 

How do you say simply gorgeous and simply made? DIY chevron candles, of course. There are 6 supplies needed and 6 steps to complete, and voila. Fabulous centerpieces or accents for your wedding decor. Get the complete instructions over at style me pretty .

diy wedding chevron candles

I came across this super easy DIY wedding project and instantly fell in love. These twig candle holders would accent your wedding ambiance with rustic elegance and they only require a few inexpensive items in order to make them. Twigs, hot glue gun and glass jar, votive, etc. Doesn’t get much easier or cheaper than that.

diy wedding twig candle

Since I heart ALL things wine, this simple but gorgeous wine cork candle holder made my heart skip a beat. Not only would they look fabulous at a wedding reception (whether your theme is wine-centric or not…) they would also look fabu in your home! Easy, cheap and beautiful. My favorite kind of DIY!

diy wine cork

thank you two twenty one!

Speaking of my beloved wine, this is a DIY wine cork wreath that could be used hung as decoration, or placed in the center of a table with a candle in the middle.

diy wine cork wreath

thank you LollyChops for this detailed but simple tutorial! 

How fantastic is this?! A cluster of vintage glass bottles with just one flower in each. Done! Vintage bottles can get pricey if you don’t know where to look, luckily I know, and I will share.

diy wedding

Lovely vintage vases and bottles at Luna Bazaar

I’ve been obsessed with books as decoration for quite some time. I use stacks of books in baskets, under vases, lamps, computer screens (well that is more for function than for fun…) in a decorative bird cage, stacked alone by themselves two feet tall, you name it. So when I started them seeing them sprout up as decoration in wedding receptions, I squealed with joy then cursed those brides for stealing my genius design idea. (KIDDING!) Take a look at these and TRY and tell me you don’t absolutely love, love LOVE it…

diy wedding books

diy wedding books

diy wedding books

no DIY tutorial needed, just your imagination.

diy wedding books

and look at book made into a vase with its curled pages! (more squealing!)
Emlife PhotoBrass Paper ClipWeddingbeeOnce Wed

Pardon the crude phone pics, but look what I threw together with some vases I had around the house, and a quick trip to Trader Joe’s. First arrangement is hydrangeas and cherry blossoms, about $14 total on the flowers. Next arrangement is snap dragons, cala lilies, and some twiggy branch things that came with the cala lilies. About $16 worth of flowers. Not a bad price at all for halfway decent looking centerpieces!

diy wedding flowersdiy wedding flowers

diy wedding flowers

Garden wedding anyone? These charming homemade outdoor lanterns are rustically gorgeous, EASY to make, and CHEAP. Sign me up! (Oh and for all you non-DIY brides that happened upon this page by accident, check out these lovely vintage glass outdoor lanterns for a steal.

diy wedding

for complete and EASY instructions, check out DIY Wedding

Speaking of garden weddings and DIY To say that Laurie Cinotto is the most incredible DIY wedding project creator might the biggest understatement in the DIY wedding world. Words don’t usually do her artwork justice and here is a prime example. Regal Rustic anyone??

DIY wedding cake stand

for complete instructions, visit OnceWed

One of the most daunting DIY wedding tasks is generally the bride’s bouquet…. because everybody sees it! Whether you are DIYing your wedding flowers or not, it stands to reason why you would want a pro to handling your hydrangeas. However, this DIY wedding bouquet is a bit different. The video tutorial makes assembly seem easy peasy – and the end result is incredibly stunning.

DIY wedding flowers bouquet

Of course, we can thank the endlessly fabulous Style Me Pretty for this gorgeous guide.

The first thought that popped into my head when I saw this DIY wedding project was LOVE IT. Love. It. I’m not sure what is my most favorite part about it. The fact that it’s gorgeous (and who really refers to candy as being gorgeous), fabulously versatile (it can be a chandelier or individual pieces of rock candy sparkle that can bling up just about anything), or that it’s stupid cheap. Have I mentioned I love it??

diy wedding rock candy diy wedding rock candy

click here for DIY instructions from oncewed.

Since decorations and centerpieces can often times be one of the most expensive parts of your reception, the first fun and gorgeous DIY wedding project I will feature will be a “gift box of roses” from Things Festive. Of course you can experiment and use whatever flowers you like for the project. If you love the look of the roses but want something a little less expensive, certain kinds of carnations look a LOT like fluffy roses, particularly when they are bunched close together like the flowers in this project.

diy wedding centerpiece

There are only a few steps to creating this beautiful flower box, find themhere and here.

Like soooooo many other DIY wedding projects, there are LOTS of interesting and unique ways to send your guests off with a “thank you for coming.” Homemade wedding favors tend to be a lot less expensive than ones you can buy or order, in addition to being absolutely unique, since YOU made them. Cheap wedding favors is the name of the game, and at .10 each, yes – TEN CENTS EACH – this DIY project just hit a home run. Take a look at these great but simple favors by {frolic!}.

homemade wedding favors

Check out the 3 step tutorial here at Project Wedding.

The Wedding Chicks never run out of gorgeous wedding eye candy ideas and inspiration, and these table numbers are no exception. I love the fabric (shabby chic = swoon), the fact that it’s easy AND that it’s budget friendly. Win, Win, WIN.

diy wedding projects table numbers

Thanks to the creativity of Wedding Chick Amy and Paper & Thread Studio, you can find the whole tutorial here

While we are talking about tables, let’s talk about place cards. Adorable, one-of-a-kind and incredibly budget friendly at .15 each – take a gander at these charming, chic, and oh so cheap Spring place cards from {scissor variations}. If these don’t give you Spring fever – nothing will! Holy moly I think I’m in love!

diy wedding projects spring place cards diy wedding projects spring place cards

You can find complete instructions here.

I don’t know what it is about wedding signage – but I love it. Especially if it’s made of wood, and handmade by the bride and/or groom. I just love personal touches!

diy wedding sign

The tutorial for these adorable signs by Mrs. Yorkie can be found here.

Ok so I literally squealed when I saw this DIY wedding centerpiece! How fantastic is this?! I love the rustic but elegant charm of it – and hydrangeas are one of my most favorite flowers ever – so of course I am in love with it. It’s gorgeous, and super duper budget friendly!

diy wedding centerpiece

Check out how Mrs. Vino created this wine box centerpiece here.

One of my most favoritest of favorite wedding “trends” is the new found use for the age-old Mason jar. Love, love LOVE it. Seriously. They are inexpensive, and easy to find (think ebay, estate sales, craigslist, antique stores, etc.) If you have your heart set on the blue/aqua ones and can’t find any at a reasonable price (they can be hard to find, and a bit more expensive. Supply and demand, girls – they are really popular). Check out this incredible tutorial from Bridal Buzz to save you money and heartache – if your heart is set on blue! 
And then feast your eyes on the simple and stunning uses for this chic and charming wedding accessory sent from heaven. As far as DIY wedding projects - budget friendly DIY wedding projects – go, I think this one might take the cake. No tutorial needed.

diy wedding mason jars diy wedding mason jars
chelle paperielove life images 

diy wedding mason jars diy wedding mason jars
casa sugar,  the knot 

DROOL! If you want to hang your budget blooms, check out this tutorial. And if you want to make them into lanterns, check out this tutorial.

If you are looking for additional decorations to go with your mason jars, check out these ruffled, burlap table runners. Not only are they rustic-ly regal, but at around $4 per runner, they are a *must do* for any DIY wedding on a budget. Find the burlap table runner tutorial here at Cotton Bud’s blog. More burlap table runner eye candy by EAB designs here. I am in LOVE.

diy wedding burlap table runners

This next scrumptious piece of DIY wedding goodness doesn’t really need words, the picture speaks for itself. Perfect for a stunning hair or sash accessory. Yum.

diy wedding flower

Get complete instructions here at Project Wedding.

Keep checking this page often, as I will add fabulous DIY wedding projects as I find them!