Weddings on a Budget: Two Bright Lights

Krysten & Jimmy

Weddings on a budget: This beautiful Connecticut affair to us from Fabuluxe Photos via  Two Bright Lights
The bride, Krysten has some great advice and tips for those that think weddings on a budget are harder than they look.

weddings on a budget

“Once you get engaged, start putting money away immediately. Weddings have become extremely expensive and it’s smart to start saving and planning as soon as possible. Set a budget and try to stick to it. I have used the WeddingWire budget planner and that helped a lot. It was really easy to use and you can delete an expense/item and it shows you where you can allocate what you saved somewhere else.

We saved a nice chunk of cash by using a DJ for the ceremony and the reception. It was much cheaper then hiring a musician for the ceremony and cocktail hour.

We also used an inexpensive invitation place. is fantastic for all kinds of wedding prints. They don’t have an unlimited selection but they certainly have great quality and really fast service.

We also saved a bit on the limo. We used one limo for the both of us. They picked Jimmy up first from his house and he got ready at The Woodwinds. After the limo dropped him off he turned around and picked my bridesmaids and I up from my house. Only one charge for the 4 hours for one limo instead of paying for two.”

This is a super GENIUS wedding on a budget idea!! If this is feasible timeline-wise and distance-wise, I highly recommend using half the number of limos you had planned on – and just have them make two trips. My best friend’s church ceremony was across the street and 1/2 a block down from the reception venue, so the entire wedding party and wedding guests walked down the street car line from the church to the Elms Mansion. It was quite a sight!!