Reception & Venue

Your Dream Wedding to Fit Your Wallet

Coming up with cheap wedding reception ideas might be the important part of your entire planning process, as this is the part of your wedding with the biggest price tag.

It doesn’t matter if your reception budget is $2,000 or $20,000 – there are many, many creative and unique ways to capture the style, feel, vibe and overall theme you want while staying within your budget.

cheap wedding reception ideas
Location, Location, Location!

Boat, Barn, Backyard or Ballroom - Selecting the perfect spot for your wedding reception place encompasses many aspects, including your budget. If have a cookie-cutter wedding reception isn’t your (or your budget’s) thing, then read on about your indoor and outdoor wedding reception places because originality, creativity and ingenuity are going to save the day, and make your reception one to remember.

Asked & Answered

When meeting and negotiating with any type of wedding professional, you need to be armed with the right questions to ask as to ensure your budget doesn’t get blown. Often the “obvious” and the “that should be a given” questions are overlooked and taken for granted, and you end up paying for them. Big time. Don’t be that bride! This wedding reception checklist is printer friendly!

Say “I Do” and not “I Owe”

Let’s face it. You can never have too many cheap wedding reception ideas. Heck you can never have too many of any kind of cheap wedding idea. From simple to simply stunning and everything in between, use these tips to spruce up your site without pruning down your budget.

Smooth Schedule Equals Sanity

Have no idea when to dance with your dad or cut the cake? Throw the bouquet or make a toast? Take a look at this sample wedding reception itinerary to give you an idea of what usually take place when.

Rude-y Ruderson – Don’t Be That Guest

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2013 and the majority of people don’t know how to behave or how to exercise proper manners and etiquette at a wedding reception. If you don’t know how to tell your cousin Mike that “And Guest” doesn’t mean 9 of his frat brothers or how to tell your college roomie her 2 year old triplets aren’t welcome, send ‘em this link to wedding reception protocol!