Cheap Wedding Photographers

Priceless Pics without Breaking the Bank

Researching and looking for cheap wedding photographers can be one of the most time consuming parts of planning your wedding. But it’s also one of the most important.

Getting married is a tough task really – you have so many things you need to plan, guest lists to manage, finalizing your trousseau and all of these take a lot of effort and planning because you want everything to go seamlessly on your big day. Most couples solicit the help of wedding planners these days but wedding planners can be expensive. With wedding costs reaching several thousands of dollars, is there really such a thing as a cheap wedding? Actually, there is and it all depends on one little word, ‘planning’.

cheap wedding photographers

Let’s take it step by step and talk about one of the major wedding expenses – hiring a wedding photographer. Because weddings are a once in a lifetime affair, you would definitely want it to be captured in memories, especially if you can hire cheap wedding photographers to do this at a reasonable price.

Wedding photography costs can set you back by a minimum of a few to several thousand dollars. Since all of us want to preserve these perfect moments forever, not hiring a photographer is usually not an option. If you’re on a tight budget or if you want to be frugal, you can find ways to save on wedding photographers in your area by being a little resourceful. Here’s how:

** Look for an amateur photographer around your area. It could be someone who has recently started their business or probably a photography student, these people would be looking for a break wanting to build their portfolio. Since they would typically have very little experience, you can hire them at a fraction of the cost of a photographer with several years experience. Remember to ask them for a few shots that they have taken. They need not be related to wedding photography but a few general shots would be enough to give you an idea about their expertise. You can also ask them how they are planning to take photographs at your wedding and if they are able to give you some creative ideas, it’s a done deal.

** Online yellow pages, directories and some freelance job boards have a listing of cheap wedding photographers as well and most of them will be local providers. Hiring a local photographer can save you from paying the photographer’s travel costs, which are built in into the overall costs. Start contacting these people and ask them for quotes – price is not the only criteria while finalizing someone, make sure you like their work as well.

** Wedding forums are great social avenues to gain insightful tips from other couples who are planning their wedding or have recently gotten married. A lot of times you will see other couples looking for cheap wedding photographers too and you will be able to get good references of photographers that do a great job without charging too much.

** Search for photography blogs on the internet and chances are you might find a hidden gem. Someone who does it as a hobby and might be interested in full time work will be ideal.

Here are some wedding photography tips for a budget wedding:

** Explain to your photographer what kind of shots you want so that certain poses, backgrounds or style (candid versus posed) you might want are not forgotten or overlooked and poses, backgrounds or styles you DON’T want, are avoided – therefore saving precious time. Wedding sites such as Green Wedding Shoes have some amazing photography and you can ask your photog to take inspiration from these websites. If you haven’t found your photog yet, this website highlights photography from individual providers and you can contact them directly if you like their work!

** Schedule of your photog providing, take him or her to your venue and ask how they are planning to do the venue shots. Give them suggestions to help them understand what kind of photographs you want.

** Provide your photog a list of all the friends and family members you would like a picture of, or get a picture with, on your wedding day.

These are some solutions that a lot of people don’t even think about. However, there are several other ways you can save costs. Did you know that you can hire cheap wedding photographers on an hourly basis? What you’re doing here is paying them only for the number of hours you need their service for – do all the pictures at one place and within an hour or so. A few photographs of the venue, the food and décor are fine but there is no need to have fifty shots of guests standing in the buffet line or chatting in a corner. You can also ask them to click a fixed number of shots of certain things, and no more after that.

Because a wedding photographer includes the cost of digital printing, wedding albums and negatives, you are essentially just paying for an overpriced extra service. An alternative to this is by just asking the photographer to give you a hard copy, such as a DVD, containing all the photographs – you can print them yourself, buy an album and arrange them yourself, much like a scrapbooking experiment. This will be much more personal because you can even add cute anecdotes and descriptions for every picture. Most photographers these days are offering this option up front as the “wedding album of proofs” becomes less popular.

Hiring a wedding photographer will also require some negotiation tips. For example, did you know the most photographers charge less out of peak season? Since this is a business for the photographer, you must ensure that you communicate your needs really well. Let him or her know upfront what you expect, the kind of shots you would want, whether you would need all the fancy shots they might charge extra for, and if you require them to travel.

Some wedding photographers may offer you a customized package if you talk to them about your budget. In this case, they might exclude some of the services they generally include. A lot of people also like hiring videographers, this service is sometimes included by the photographer but you can ask a friend to completely take charge of this.

While hiring a cheap wedding photographer is entirely possible, your decision should largely be based on the quality of their photography and not the price. Remember that your wedding is a time you want to cherish for the rest of your life – it is impossible to relive and capture those moments again, so a shoddy job is inexcusable. Don’t make a rushed decision, inquire about prices from a number of places, look at previous references and only then hire someone who you know will create wonderful pictures. 

Lots of time and research into this particular component to your wedding could literally save you thousands, take your time and do not rush into any decisions right away. Your flowers will die, the cake will be eaten and the day will fly by like you never imagined. Your wedding photos will be with you forever – so make sure you match yourself up with the best cheap wedding photographer to fit your needs and personality. Your wedding photographs should bring back fond memories and make you smile whenever you look at them!

Budget Weddings - How to Save Thousands